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Our History

Following its founding in 1948, Tanglewood Corporation first occupied its corporate offices in 1951 at the intersections of Tanglewood Boulevard, San Felipe and Sage Road within the Tanglewood subdivision it was developing. While all responsibilities for the Tanglewood subdivision have long since been assumed by the residents of Tanglewood through the Tanglewood Homes Association, our offices have continued to serve our corporation and various other third-party tenants. Today Tanglewood Corporation manages several premier properties.


This book recounts the life of William Giddings Farrington in a loving tribute by his daughter Mary Catherine Farrington Miller.

William Giddings Farrington arrived in Houston in 1926 with $40 in his pocket and a head full of dreams. He was a builder, and he left indelible marks of beauty and utility throughout the city. He was a “risk-taker” who was willing to stake his all on a project where faith was his only collateral.

Besides recounting the life of such an extraordinary man the book delves deep into the history of Houston and its growth and development.

Learn more about Uptown Houston, the unique urban environment where international business professionals, fashionistas, city dwellers and tourists from around the globe all converge for life’s amazing moments, and where all of our properties reside.